Beginning in the middle…

What better place to start, if you find you’re in the middle of something and are wishing you’d started recording your thoughts at the beginning?

I’ve recently been wishing that I had kept a list of all the books I’ve read, and my thoughts about them. I want to do this for many reasons, such as to remember why I was disappointed by books that others love, like Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Jules Verne), Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte), and Good to a Fault (Marina Endicott). Other books I pick up, only to get the sense that the plot and characters are vaguely familiar and realize that I read this book years ago and didn’t remember (something that I find mildly embarrassing, though not as embarrassing as saying to someone who asks “Oh yes, I read that book,” and when they proceed to question me about a particular event or character in the book, I find I can’t remember anything about it at all. hurrrr, embarrassing!).

Keeping a list is kinda boring though. I like to talk to people about the books I read. Unfortunately, since I read a lot, and read a wide variety of types of books, I’m not always able to talk to my close friends or family about what I’m reading. I get it; they have lives of their own that don’t involve ravenous reading. Someone out there has read what I’ve read, though! So I’m throwin my thoughts out there: if you feel inclined, please feel free to chime in.

I’ve recently relocated to Victoria, BC, and I have to tell you the library here is AMAZING. You can take out books for longer (3 weeks!) it is FREE, I have never once been charged a late fee for items that I’ve returned on time, and they have “fast reads” — recent releases that you can take out for just one week, so more people can read these recent books sooner. GENIUS. It also helps that I live basically across the street from one of the branches. Needless to say, I’ve been reading a lot more lately, what with the wealth of available books and dearth of (nearby) available friends. Books are easier to make friends with than people (far less effort, no risk of being judged).

My reading list, of late, has become… shall we say, indulgent. I am looking for books that transport me to a world I know nothing about, and that provide me with a fuzzy, happy feeling. Goodbye reality, hello imaginary worlds. (I get enough reality in reality, thank you very much! I don’t need it in my books — not right now, anyways.)

So, indulge with me! Here we go…


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