Jennifer Lynn Barnes – x3

I just finished reading my third book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Raised by Wolves. I LOOOOVEDD it. This, coming from someone who thinks the whole vampire/werewolves theme right now is ridiculous.

So, here’s the sitch. Our girl Bryn is a human that was raised in a pack of werewolves. When she was four, her parents were killed by a werewolf. Now she is fifteen and finds out that her pack has a human boy who was bit by a werewolf and survived (and is thus now a werewolf himself). Despite objections by the pack leader, Callum, Bryn knows she has to see the boy, Chase. She knows it will answer questions about her own past. Like all of Barnes’ heroines, Bryn is smart, sassy, and strong-minded (love that alliteration).

I can’t tell you how surprised I was to LOVE a werewolf book, but such is the power of Barnes’ writing and characters. I will admit that when I first read the title, I thought it would be a book about a girl who was raised by *actual* wolves, and that plot idea was much more compelling to me (but probably not to most of the intended readers, and likely much harder to write convincingly about). But Bryn is totally kickass: she only plays by the rules when she has to, and she’s gonna get what she wants no matter what it takes. As I think I’ve said before, Barnes creates her worlds so effortlessly that you can’t help but believe in them right away.

So, of course, immediately after I finished the book, I had to go online and find out when the next one would come out: lucky me, Summer 2011! I only have a few months to wait.

Before I read Raised by Wolves, I had just finished Tattoo. This is the first book in the series about Bailey and her four friends, Delia (fashion, boys); Zo (brawn), and Annabelle (brains). I read the second book in the series, Fate, first. This one’s about faeries, kinda, and the three fates (life, death, birth). As it turns out, two of the fates have fallen in love and the third one feels left out, so she decides to take that out on the mortal world. It’s up to Bailey and her friends to stop the third fate from wreaking havoc. Luckily, they get some temporary tattoos that give them each a special kick. For such a short book, I found it amazing how alive the characters felt.

I can’t recommend these books enough – they are quick reads with happy endings (which you know I am all about these days) and they all have sassy female main characters. What more does a girl want in a book?


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