Austenland – Shannon Hale

With a title like that, you know I was instantly hooked. I read this book last night all in one sitting – it’s a nice short read and, you guessed it, happy ending. The book is about a woman named Jane who is fed up with her love life and increasingly escapes into the scenes of BBC’s Pride & Prejudice instead of facing the real world. Then her rich great-aunt dies and leaves her a vacation (nonrefundable) instead of money. So off Jane goes to England for three weeks to a pricey, exclusive resort where people pretend they live in 1816 (or something) in the English countryside.

Of course this has me wondering if such a resort *actually* exists, and if so, how much money rich women are paying to wear corsets for three weeks and flirt shamelessly with paid actors in ‘breeches.’  To each their own, right?

Anyway. Hugely entertaining book. Reminds me a bit of the British TV series Lost In Austen (which obviously I also loved, and if you haven’t watched it you must – be sure to go onto youtube and search “lost in austen amanda sings’ when you get to the part where she is supposed to sing). ANNNDDD guess what I just discovered by nosing around online? This is a series! There is a second book, called Midnight in Austenland, coming out next year . Thank you, Shannon Hale.

Once again, I find myself reading too many books at once. I am still reading Some Tame Gazelle (Barbara Pym) before bed. But I am also reading the final book in The Dark Is Rising series, Silver on the Tree, as well as Come, Thou Tortoise (Jessica Grant). And one other one that I’m not gonna tell you about yet 🙂 Sooo we shall see how that goes… too many books at once, methinks. This week I also finished Greenwitch and the Grey King (books three and four in The Dark Is Rising series). Both were good. I remember why I liked these books as a kid. They are always finding secret places!


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