Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym

This has been my ‘reading in bed at night’ book for a few weeks, and, as promised by the writer who recommended it in Real Simple, it was the perfect book for that. Nothing too exciting, but characters that are endearing and funny. An easy book to read just a few pages of before closing my eyes, without being temped to forego sleep.  Partway through reading this I found another Barbara Pym book at a used book sale so I grabbed it. I’m glad it will be waiting for me when I need something light-hearted to read before bed. It’s about two middle-aged sisters living together in a small English town, and the people they interact with in their community. The elder sister is in love with the archdeacon, who is married to someone else, and the younger sister dotes on all of the curates that rotate through their parish.

I also finished reading the last two books in The Dark Is Rising series, They Grey King and Silver on the Tree. I thought they Grey King was good, on par with Greenwitch, but Silver on the Tree was a bit much for me. It was great to reread this series, since I remembered liking it so much as a kid. I have reread some of my other childhood favourites since I grew up (Anne of Green Gables series; The Chronicles of Narnia; lots of Roald Dahl books) but I hadn’t reread this one.

Next up, Coraline by Neil Gaiman.


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  1. I read Excellent Women by Pym and thought it was so wonderfully written, though it was a story that actually effected me more emotionally than I thought it would. I have Jane & Prudence by her, too, but haven’t read it yet. She’s an author I’m glad to have discovered 🙂

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