Beauty by Robin McKinley

Back in January, my husband gave my one of his favourite childhood fantasy books to read: The Hero and the Crown, by Robin McKinley. I liked it so much that I started looking around to see what else she has written, and found Beauty. It’s a re-telling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

I won’t give a synopsis since most people know the story, but I will say that Beauty is an incredibly likable character and I blazed through this book. Can’t wait to read more by McKinley!


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  4. I think the only McKinley I’ve read is the one with the vampire, Sunshine, and I was SO not into it… I think I should get into her epic fantasy, though, as that’s more my thing than Sunshine was!

  5. Beauty and The Hero and the Crown are both excellent. Have you read The Blue Sword, by chance? It’s a sequel of sorts to Hero and the Crown, but is set something like 200 years after. I’m a big fan of Robin McKinley; she’s one of the few fantasy-type authors that I know of who is a good writer, not just a good storyteller.

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