Mairelon the Magician by Patricia C. Wrede

This book was great. It’s exactly the kind of book I would have LOVED when I was a kid — heck, I love it now — and I wish I had discovered it when I was younger. It’s a bit heavier on the mystery side of things for my usual tastes but it was a captivating book. I would say it is more of a young readers book than a teen book.

Kim is a street kid living in London, passing as a boy and getting by however she can. When she’s asked to poke around inside a magician’s wagon, she get caught, and receives a surprising offer to join Mairelon, the magician, in his traveling show. Kim’s street smarts and observant eyes come in handy as she tries to help Mairelon unravel a mystery and clear his name as the suspect of a major theft.

I liked Kim so much that immediately after finishing the book I reserved its sequel, Magician’s Ward, from the library. Can’t wait for it to come in! So glad I discovered Patricia C. Wrede, and can’t wait to read more by her.


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