How Anne McCaffrey Changed My Life.. Again

Advance warning: This is probably going to be one of the dorkiest posts I’ve written yet.

Not kidding.

Pretty much all I have to say today is this: Anne McCaffrey is so amazing!!! Auuugghhh! A few weeks ago I re-read Crystal Singer, which I found at a used book sale (thank you, local curling rink). I think the last time I read this, I was probably in junior high so it has been a long while. It was every bit as great as I remember. I don’t know how McCaffrey does it, but she makes science fiction and fantasy seem way less geeky. The covers of the books are completely hilarious, and very much targeted at sci fi readers, but once I get into the book I forget that I’m reading a dorky sci fi book and have to really concentrate on raving to everyone I know about how great the book is.

Dragonsong Anne McCaffreyAt the same book sale, I had also found Dragonsinger and Dragondrums, but of course not Dragonsong (the first in the series). I have been patiently (‘patiently’) waiting since then (March?) to read them, and checking every used bookstore I walk/drive by, because I wanted to start at the beginning. So when I was visiting my sister-in-law a few weeks ago and saw she had Dragonsong on her bookshelf, I begged to borrow it. Thank-you, Catherine! I re-read the whole series and am now firmly ensconced in a full-on, me-in-junior-high-school-style worship of Anne McCaffrey once again.

After I finished the series, I branched out into other authors for a few books. Only to find Killashandra (sequel to Crystal Singer) at the library, which I promptly checked out and rationed. Got my fix…

Who knows how long the worship will go on this time… yep, I’m a giant dork. 🙂


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