Looking forward to:

This fall a few books are coming out that I anticipate will be pretty awesome. Just in case you haven’t been squirrelling the book world news for these tidbits, here they are:

1. Ruins by Orson Scott Card (October 30, 2012). The sequel to Pathfinder (which I talked about this winter). Oh yes. Card is the coolest and I can’t wait for this – even if it is a giant tome of a book like Pathfinder was.





2. Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier (October 30, 2012). The sequel to Ruby Red, which I have not yet written about here but which I read early this summer and enjoyed. Plus, it’s always nice to read a book written by a non-english writer (Gier is german).






3. Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (November 6, 2012). Sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I read this spring and LOVED. I also haven’t written about this one on the blog yet but hope to do so soon, because Taylor is fantastic.



So, there you go. Three great books to look forward to this fall – I know I am!



Another one that’s out this fall that I will probably read is Reached by Ally Condie (November 13, 2012). It’s the sequel to Matched and Crossed – you know I didn’t love these books, but I’ll probably read this to finish of the trilogy. 


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