Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

It’s about time I wrote about this one. While I was living in Victoria, my little bro and his girlfriend came to visit, and we visited my favourite bookstore — Munro’s books (Canada’s self-professed Most Magnificent Bookstore. I cannot disagree). So amazing. As I’m showing l.b.’s girlfriend around the YA section, pointing out all my favourites, a girl who works there was all, “If you liked those you should read this one. It’s really good, even though the cover is lame.” Touche, awesome girl who works at Munro’s. Touche. Because, let’s be honest: the cover is a bit lame. But the book is freakin amazing!!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone reviewDaughter of Smoke and Bone features heroine Karou (awesome name, no?), a blue-haired teenager living two lives (mostly) in Prague. One of those lives is secret -(ooh, intrigue). Karou goes to art school by day with her quirky, sassy best friend, and does errands for a mysterious paranormal beast every now and then. She’s a mystery, even to herself; she speaks many languages, was raised by Brimstone (paranormal beast), and if she could just figure out who she is, and where she came from, she’d be happy. Right? But then mysterious black handprints start to appear on the doorways she uses to get from city to city, continent to continent, instantaneously while running Brimstone’s errands. Brimstone starts acting weird… and she meets an all-too-familiar-feeling stranger in Marrakesh.

First of all, you know how I feel about characters; for me, they make a book. Karou is an amazing central character! So awesome. She’s smart, has sass, and is inquisitive. Taylor has built an amazing, mysterious, intricate, vivid, and believable world that you just want to immerse yourself in. I want to live in Prague now, too! I loved the life Taylor created there for Karou. The local coffeeshop hangout, Karou showing drawings of one world to her friends in the other world (Issa et al love seeing drawings of humans, and Zusana and the other students love seeing drawings of Brimstone et al). In fact, I loved Karou’s life in Prague so much that I was disappointed when the book shifted to centre on Elsewhere. (But, I guess that is ok since Karou was probably a little sad that her life in Prague was rustled up too, even though she found out who she is and where she came from).

Anyway. As I mentioned last post, I’m very much looking forward to the sequel and I hope it isn’t all battle-y all the time. Ya know? I hope Zusana is still around. She’s rad. We shall see!!

I’m so glad the girl in Munro’s introduced me to Taylor’s books. I’ve read a few more since and have been impressed 🙂


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