August 2011

I’ve discovered a few more books at my local library: 

Bookcraft by Heather Weston

Creating Books & Boxes by Benjamin D. Rinehart

These two are both more recent, and have great pictures accompanying step-by-step guides to creating several different kinds of books.

Creative Bookbinding by Pauline Johnson was published in 1965 (the version I have was) and will be a good resource, too (though the style of instructions given is not as easy to follow… who knew so much had changed since the 60s!).







Some of the photos are awesome…

Page 58

July 2011

 I’ve taken three books on bookbinding out of the library, and the best of the three (for my needs) is Bookbinding Basics by Paula Rosati.

It’s simple, and there are lots of great pictures.






May 2011

I’m slowly learning about bookbinding, DIY style. So far, most of my learning has come from the lovely hamish macdonald, who provides an excellent series of podcasts about how to start out.

I have gifted five books that I’ve created to friends and family, and if I can manage to get a photo of one of the gifts I made, I’ll post it here (stay tuned). I used images from an old calendar for the covers: Illustrations by Brian Froud  – Lady Cottington’s pressed fairies.


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